Which are the right casino games in regarding odds

Casino games in regarding odds

Video Poker and Slots

Video poker is another casino game that provides good odds as you will be greatly benefited if you use your skills.

In some best variations of video poker like 9/6 Jacks or Better, the projected return is almost 99%,

given that you use an effective and reliable strategy.

This casino game is mostly compared to slots because as in land-based casinos the slots are played on just about the same machines.

However, video poker and slots are quite different in various aspects, and one of those things is the payback percentage.  In ideal cases, slots provide a 95% payback percentage. In many cases, the percentage varies from 75% to 80% in these games, while even the word odds video poker games provide almost 94% payback. So, if you want to make a profit, you should opt for video poker rather than slots.


Irrespective of which casino game you choose to play, there will always be an in-built benefit that will stop you more or less making the profit. However, if you choose the games with the best odds, you will be increasing your chance of winning. Hope our guide will help first-timers or new casino players to identify the games with the best odds and increase the chance of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are the Return to player (RTP) percentage and the house edge linked?

The RTP and the house edge are 2 dynamic quantities that are expressed as percentages. Both of these terms are interdependent and when one of them changes, it directly affects the other one. These quantities can be seen as the two sides of a single coin.

The house edge is a percentage advantage from the casino’s viewpoint while the RTP is the same percentage from the players’ viewpoint. For example, the Double Exposure Blackjack variation has a house edge of 0.69% meaning that the RTP percentage is 31%.

Which are the right casino games in regarding odds?

In general, the casino games that provide the most advantageous offs are the ones with skill elements as in these games; you have the authority to change the result of each round. Casino games like blackjack and video poker offer you the opportunity to use a strategy to improve your moves with the help of your own knowledge and skills.

Blackjack can be very beneficial particularly if you’re a card counter who is well aware of the basic approach backward and forwards. If you are a fan of video poker, you must look for full-pay machines as they provide the best odds.

Is there a wager whose house edge is zero?

It may sound surprising but there is a bet with zero house edge. Craps game has a side bet known as the Odds bet, which has the zero house edge. This is I believe to be one of the most advantageous bets in a craps game, and not just because of the no house edge. In reality, its house edge is zero no matter whether calculate and per bet or roll. In contrast, the bet that provides the worst offs in craps is Big Red 7 with the house edge of 16.67%.

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